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Use These Strategies To Keep Seniors Steady on Their Feet

Use These Strategies To Keep Seniors Steady on Their Feet

Falling is one of the greatest dangers seniors face in the home. To maintain their freedom and mobility, this often requires only minor modifications to their home and lifestyle. 

Something as simple as increasing safety at exterior doorways, interior stairways and in the bathrooms with the installation of Hold-Tight Handrails can make all the difference. 

Here are some other strategies to keep seniors steady on their feet: 


Vigorous exercise may not be an option as we age, but there are several types of exercise that provide help to maintain flexibility, mobility, and balance. 

  • Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that places focus on balance, muscle strength and flexibility. 
  • Chair yoga provides the stretching and balance benefits of traditional yoga while keeping practitioners safe from falls. 
  • Senior group exercise increases strength and mobility in seniors as well as providing social contact to help with mental health. 

Elderly couple exercising together

Wear the Right Shoes 

Stability begins at our feet, and choosing shoes that help to lessen fall risk is vital to senior health. Avoid flip flogs, shoes with slippery soles and high heels. Instead, opt for: 

  • Shoes that fit correctly 
  • Sturdy-soled shoes 
  • Slip-on or Velcro-closing shoes 
  • Socks with nonslip soles 
  • Closed-back shoes 
  • Shoes that are not too heavy 

Make Home Modifications

Making our homes safer helps prevent falls that have a profound effect on the lives of seniors. A report published by Harvard Health states that 18,000 seniors die every year from falls in the home. With a few simple changes, we can lower the risk. 

  • Get rid of throw rugs 
  • Increase lighting in any dark areas 
  • Keep extension cords out of walkways 
  • Clear clutter 
  • Repair any floors with loose tiles, raised boards or trip-hazard edges 
  • Install handrails on all stairs 
  • Add safety handles to tubs and showers 
  • Never store anything on stairs 

Get Regular Health Checks 

Feeling faint can cause falls -- and falls can lead to serious injury. Getting regular health examinations and having medications checked is vital to overall good health. Many conditions and medications can cause a feeling of lightheadedness, and any time this happens, it’s wise to consult your doctor. Small changes to medication can make all the difference. 

Staying safe, healthy and mobile at home is our goal. By making some simple changes, including adding Hold-Tight Handrails , seniors can stay home longer and enjoy the freedom that brings.


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