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Durable Jamb Mount Handrails - Explore Our Multi-Step and One-Step Railing Collection

HoldTight Handrails is your trusted source for durable jamb-mounted handrails designed for garage steps and short stairways. We understand that ensuring safety and accessibility in these areas is crucial, and our innovative three, two, and one-step railing solutions are easy to install and dependable. 

The patent-pending mounting bracket on our jamb mount handrails, accompanied by stainless steel screws, securely connects to solid wood from two different angles, ensuring an extra strong and dependable mount.

Upgrade the safety and accessibility of your space with our durable jamb mount handrails for garage steps. Discover our collection today and experience the strength, reliability, and beauty of HoldTight Handrails. 

  • Illustration of the right and left handed Hold Tight Handrails
    Hold Tight Handrail Jamb Mount in black.

    Hold Tight Handrail Jamb Mount, Two Sizes

    from $124.00

    Price is per individual handrail.

    In many homes, garage steps and short stairways leading to the outdoors can be worrisome to elderly or disabled homeowners. Hold Tight Handrails ...

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