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About Hold Tight Handrails

Hold Tight Handrails owner Steve Johnson

About Steve Johnson

The founder of Hold Tight Handrails, Steve Johnson, started making railings after seeing a need. He is a licensed and insured contractor with 20 years of experience as a handyman, home remodeler, home flipper, and investment property owner, specializing in home accessibility for the elderly and disabled community. This included installing ramps, railings, grab bars, bathroom modifications, and more. 

During this time, he was frequently asked about accessibility railings for one to three step stairs in the homes of the aging and disabled community. In 2012, he focused his efforts on finding effective solutions to safeguard the homes of the aging and disabled community by starting Home Freedom LLC.

Home Freedom LLC specializes in mobility and safety solutions, like ramps, railings, and grab bars. Years of working in the field and listening to clients led him to discover common areas of the home that need innovation, and that inspired him to invent solutions to those problems. This led to the creation of Hold Tight Handrails. There were many rounds of feedback for his products, which is why he is a strong believer in great customer service.

About Hold Tight Handrails

Hold Tight Handrails was created in response to requests for easy-installation solutions for mobility on garage steps. Most homes have these steps, but there is no requirement to have a railing for one to three step stairs, often leaving those steps without railings. In the past, getting railings for these steps would involve specialized tools, drilling into concrete, and complicated planning and installation.

There were many rounds of testing out different materials, trying different installation methods, and getting feedback from customers. The first working product that had positive reviews was made with metal and a patent-pending jamb mount railing that utilizes a custom angled bracket that screws into the wall studs from two different angles. This provides extra strength that can hold over 400 pounds. With this success, our Etsy shop opened in 2019, giving everyone an opportunity for mobility around short staircases. 

Our handrails are American made and manufactured in Minnesota. We take great pride in our work and believe it’s important to show value in everything we do. Our unmatched customer service always strives to exceed your expectations. View our products or give us a call with any questions to get started.

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