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Assistive Technology: A Guide to Senior-Friendly Gadgets

Assistive Technology: A Guide to Senior-Friendly Gadgets

Most seniors desire to age in place, but many will face certain challenges doing so. There are, however, many types of assistive technology and senior-friendly tools that can ease those burdens and provide greater safety. 

Medication Dispensers

There are medication management systems that can dispense medicines, monitor usage, and issue reminders. These smart devices can also notify care providers when doses are missed. For a simpler option, consider an automated pill dispenser that provides reminders and dosage amounts.

Personal Emergency Response Systems

Wearable devices and wall buttons in showers and other hazardous areas help seniors stay safe at home and when traveling. They send alerts to care providers and authorities should the user fall, have a health emergency, or have a home invasion. This allows for immediate response, even if the senior cannot communicate.

Video Security & Monitoring

There are a number of reputable companies like ADT that can help seniors get the security they need to feel safe in their homes. A monitored security system can alert authorities about any potential invasions and take video of happenings inside and outside. For a simpler option, Ring cameras are effective and versatile concerning placement.

Connective Devices

Google Nest is a line of home products and all-in-one devices that can streamline and operate numerous devices. Just a few include smart doorbells, security systems, thermostats, smart speakers, cameras and door locks. This minimizes the need for seniors to have to get up so often to control these features manually.

Smart Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Smoke Alarms

There are many smart carbon monoxide and smoke detectors that can be connected to modern security systems, with First Alert models being affordable and easy to use. Carbon monoxide is odorless and smoke can spell disaster. Having a smart system can get help to a senior’s home fast.

App-Enabled Brain Games & Social Media

Maintaining connections with family and friends is easy with an array of video applications that can be used via phone or computer. Time with loved ones increases brain stimulation, as do brain games like crosswords or Sudoku. Many of these tools are free and simple to access for seniors.

Improve Home Safety With Hold-Tight Handrails

Keeping seniors safe while aging in place increases their mobility and helps them stay active and moving. With a simple installation of our made-in-America handrails at stairways, garages and outside entrances, we give seniors and their families greater peace of mind. Contact us at Hold-Tight Handrails for details.



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