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Safety Tips to Make Your Bathroom a Safe Haven for Seniors

Multiple water sources. Sharp edges. Tight spaces. An inherent need to step, bend, twist and stretch. What could go wrong?

It’s not surprising that the seemingly innocuous bathroom can become dangerous for seniors, as it represents a central focal point within the home for falls that result in serious injury. But with a few tweaks, you can make the bathroom safer and better suited for the needs of your elderly loved ones.

Bathroom Flooring Safety

Water in the bathroom is a given. But you can secure the surroundings to reduce the risk of slipping by replacing bathroom mats with non-slip strips that adhere directly to the floor. Non-slip textured strips can also be added to the bathtub and shower floor. Even the simple act of decluttering improves safety by clearing space of any tripping hazards.

Shower Bars Inside

Shower bars and shower seats are commonplace features in senior bathrooms. Both give seniors something to grab if they begin to slip or even get wobbly while in the shower. Strategic placement can also help seniors get in and out of a tub or shower.

Stairs to Your Bathroom? Add Handrails

Do you have stairs to the bathroom? You can add handrails to make the journey safer, going in and coming out. Like other safety devices, handrails bring peace of mind to seniors and their loved ones.

2 Types of Handrails To Flexibly Fit Your Home

Your house is your home, and you want it to remain safe as you move into the next stage of life. Seamlessly upgrade your home with Hold-Tight Handrails, placing them exactly where you could use a hand. Durable, jamb-mount handrails securely attach to a door jamb, while wall-mounted handrails attach directly to the wall. Both easily attach with stainless steel screws, come in a pair of colors, offer left and right flexibility, and can attach anywhere you’ve got stairs.

Ready To Reduce Risk and Anxiety?

Installing sturdy, strategically placed handrails helps reduce risk and anxiety. It’s a simple way to bring peace of mind. Get yours today!



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