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Aging in Place vs. Assisted Living: Making the Right Choice

Aging in Place vs. Assisted Living: Making the Right Choice

Are you or your loved one evaluating the pros and cons of aging in place with home modifications versus transitioning to an assisted living facility?

How and where seniors decide to age is a matter of personal choice, although sometimes impacted by individual circumstances. Assuming nothing is holding you back, how do you decide?

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Evaluate Your Situation

The first step in deciding whether to age in place or opt for assisted living is to evaluate current circumstances. Sometimes, the decision is evident based on health conditions or finances.

  • What role do health and mobility play?
  • Are finances a concern?
  • Which lifestyle is more appealing?

Why Choose Aging in Place?

  • Familiarity
    For many seniors, aging in place is their first choice. Their home, neighborhood, community and network of providers are all familiar, especially if the senior has been in the same place for decades. Many seniors are change-adverse or see the task of moving somewhere new as too daunting even to consider.
  • Relatively Healthy and Independent
    Aging in place makes many seniors feel like they’re remaining more independent, albeit sometimes lonely. If a senior remains relatively healthy, aging in place may be the best option. However, many seniors require home modifications, such as Hold-Tight Handrails, walk-in tubs or showers, stair lifts or ramps, non-slip flooring, and smart home automation.
  • Greater Protection from Contagious Diseases
    The pandemic raised concerns about all communal living centers after seeing how quickly COVID could spread. The spread of infectious diseases is a consideration when evaluating available choices
  • In-Home Service Providers   
    Services like Visiting Angels can customize care to meet all of your loved one's needs. Thes kinds of services are designed to provide compassionate care so your elder loved one can continue to live at home. They hire skilled professionals and match you with a senior home care provider who will care for all your loved one's health and well - being needs.

    Why Choose an Assisted Living Facility?

    • Need for Daily Support
      Aging in place can become problematic if health problems arise or the senior lacks live-in or nearby support from family to help with regular errands, doctor appointments and home maintenance.
    • Amenities and Social Activities
      Seniors who wish to engage with others regularly may find an assisted living facility more appealing, especially with its many benefits, from meal plans and housekeeping to personalized care, social events and transportation services.
    • Safety and Peace of Mind
      Many seniors and their loved ones choose assisted living for the peace of mind it brings. Aging seniors living alone risk falls or other health emergencies that could go unnoticed for days without a medical alert system. In an assisted living setting, staff are on site 24/7. Families know their loved ones are eating, socializing and being cared for daily.

    Striking a Balance

    Aging is a challenge, but as they say, it’s better than the alternative. How do you decide what’s best for you or your loved one? Openly discuss the pros and cons with trusted family members and advisors. Try to find a balance between independence, safety and happiness that works for everyone.

    Reduce risk and anxiety for you and your aging senior by exploring home safety modifications today.


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